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Bahrain Health City has the most experienced and well-known dentists in the region covering all practice areas from endodontics to prosthodontics. &
Explore our comprehensive dermatology services at Bahrain Health City. Our services encompass   the diagnosis and treatment of diverse skin
Pediatrics   Discover expert pediatric care at Bahrain Health City Clinic. Our experienced team provides comprehensive services for  
ENT Ears Nose & Throat
  Where our skilled consultants provide expert care for ear, nose, and throat conditions. From common issues to complex cases, we offer personal
General Medicine
Only the most experienced and skilled doctors in our General department. Over 40 years of experience in total. 
Our Surgical Department Consists of a highly experienced Consultant Surgeon. Specialized in  Laparoscpoic Surgery. We Take Care of Major and minor S
Treating bones is a very sensitive matter, especially when it’s treating the spine. That is why we intrust our doctor.
Internal Medicine
At Bahrain Health City, our physiotherapy department is equipped with the latest technology. We aim to treat all kinds of injuries, sports injuries and disab
Our Psychiatry department consists of a Consultant Psychiatrist / Mental Health and Behavior of Learning Disability for Children and adults. Psychiatric
Promoting better health care in our society starts with taking better care of our health and nutrition. Our specialist in nutrition and sports nutrition
At Bahrain Health City, We have the best Radiology Team. We have a well-equipped state of the art machinery in our radiology department, as well as modern sa
Our lab is a trusted provider for a broad range of high-quality testing and to ensure high-quality results, there are multiple internal and external quality
Occupational Therapy
Bahrain Health City’s allied health professional involves the therapeutic use of everyday activities, or occupations, to treat the physical, mental, de
Speech and Language Therapy
At Bahrain Health City a highly skilled and experienced speech and language therapist who diagnoses, and assess speech and language disorders. A suitable tre